Villages are the story within the story of Crete. They are the home of the true soul of Crete.
Although born half-way across the world from emigrant parents, people still refer to the parents Cretan village as “My Village”.

“The Village”, despite many them haemorrhaging people and slowly dying a slow and painful death measured by death itself, still remains the enigmatic heartbeat of the island and its people.

The revitalized art gallery is set to redefine cultural landscape.

Join us on a visit to one or two typical traditional Cretan villages. Walk the ancient streets, if there are any. Talk to the people who will only be too happy to tell you about their village and their life.

Don’t be surprised to be invited in for a snack and a drink, if not a full traditional meal.
Cretan people are extremely generous, hospitable and proud people. Ask them about life in the village, and you will hear the most entertaining stories and anecdotes.

Many of the villages we visit are hidden gems in their own right, while they also are home to other cultural and traditional hidden gems. The only way you are ever going to have a full experience like this is by going to the villages and engaging with the people. Our Magical Mystery Villages Tours pave the way for you.

The traditional village

Life in a traditional Cretan village is characterized by a strong connections to the land and community, as well as a deep respect for cultural and religious traditions that shape the way of life for the people living there…

The villages tend to be close-knit communities, where people rely on each other for support and assistance.

They often have limited access to modern services and infrastructure, such as a reliable supply of electricity, running water, and transportation, which can make everyday life more difficult.

Despite this, the villagers are the most hospitable, friendly and generous people you’ll ever meet.