Religious history

Religion on Crete

Going hand in hand with whoever was occupying Crete at the time, its religious affiliation was consequently changed. But the people remained Orthodox, secretively or openly. This has left a fabulous treasure of religious art and architecture on the island.

The revival of the Orthodox faith during the second Byzantine period left us some exquisite treasures of Byzantine and Cretan art.

The revival of the Orthodox faith after the reconquering of Crete by the Byzantines resulted in a wealth of churches and monasteries appearing on the island.

The Religious Magical Mystery Tours introduce you to some of the most exquisite expressions of faith and religion created between the 10th and the 17th century.

We visit simple, small churches decorated with wonderful frescoes and build in the middle of nowhere. It is not uncommon to find these wonders in a field full of sheep or simply growing totally wild.

Our Guides know exactly where to find the most representative churches and monasteries, and use the occasion to explain the meaning of the frescoes and some of the texts depicted on the walls.

Viewing some of the remaining witnesses of the religious revival of Crete during the early middle ages is an unforgettable experience!