Magical Mystery Tours

The concept of the Magical Mystery Tours grew out of our desire to put you, the visitor to this fabulous island in control of your holiday time, rather than have you depend on a program dictated by the needs of others. The idea is as simple as the result. We ask you a few questions about your interests, what you would like to do and see, your fitness etc. and based on your answers we design a tailor-made trip for you. We certainly don’t believe in packing as many different “destinations” as possible in a single day, and never giving you enough time to thoroughly enjoy what you see. Rather, we do with less in numbers and much more in quality.

The magic is that we don’t tell you where you are going to go, thus keeping the element of surprise. The one thing you can be sure of is that we will not take you to one of the many tourist must-see places. Instead, we take you to unique, less-known places where you can thoroughly enjoy the place, the people and the activity. You even get the chance to ask many questions! During the day, we of course also stop somewhere for a bite to eat. Again, we don’t believe in the traditional Greek taverna where the menu offers cheeseburgers and chips. We do stick to much more authentic, and much more enjoyable establishments. The way it works is like this. After you’ve filled in the questionnaire, we work out a fabulous, custom-made Magical Mystery Tour for you, based entirely on your input. The “Mystery” is that we simply don’t tell you where we will take you or what we will show you. We do, however, guarantee you that: – We will not take you to one of many destinations to be found in every tourist brochure. If you want to visit Elafonisi, Balos, Knossos etc, we are the wrong people to ask. – Before we combine a few people into one group, we will always ask for your agreement. Such a group will never be more than 8 people. – We will join you at an agreed meeting point, and that is also where the trip ends in the evening. – We expect you to pay for food and beverage for the guide, and to carry the cost of fuel and potential car hire. The guides are nice people, and they ensure you have an unforgettable day out. Your happiness and satisfaction will determine what this will cost. We don’t quote prices or give indications of cost. It is entirely up to you to decide how much or how little the day was worth and that is what you give to the guide as a thank you.

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Click the link in the text or scan the above QR code and fill in the questionnaire to kickstart the most wonderful adventure in Crete, a Magical Mystery Tour!

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