Living History

Magical Mystery Tours

Cretan History goes back to neolithic times and way before. The discovery of 5.6 million years old human footprints near Kissamos does not only rewrite history in general, it certainly rewrites Cretan history. This narrative has yet to be told …

exploring ancient ruins
Crete is home to thousands of ruins of widely varying ages. Finding and mapping these, and sicovering their purpose and history is only one of our passions we share with you

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside its ruins …

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, we create tours that don’t just tell you about history, they bring it alive.

Depending on how your are introduced to it, you either love or hate history. It never lets you be indecisive about this.

We at Magical Crete have every intention of making you fall in love with history. Being able to touch the ruins of history, to see the achievements of the ancients, to know we wouldn’t be who we are if they hadn’t been who they were is the true value of history. This it the value we bring alive during our tours.

We will introduce you to 2000 year old ruins next to the ruin of one of Crete’s most common industrial buildings, the water mill.

We will tell you the stories of Gods and Goddesses walking the earth among the humans and show you where they lived an how.

We will introduce you to the political power struggles, internal and external, that made the island what it is today.

History is not confined to the past—History has made us who and what we are today and it creates the future according to how we learn from the past.