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Built by the shepherds, a “Mitato” or “Kumos” provided shelter for the night and against bad weather, while also providing a structure in which they could make their cheeses.

Join us and experience
“The Real Crete”

Our experienced, professional guides will show you Crete as you imagine it must exist but until now have found impossible to experience.

Living History

Our guides are experts in bringing you living history instead of giving history lessons. We take you to unknown, unspoiled historic sites where you can explore Cretan history at your ease, without being hurried on to stick to a short, often impossible time schedule.

You ask questions, explore, take pictures to your hearts content, while experiencing history like you’ve never experienced it before…

Wild Flowers of Crete

Knowing the names of wild flowers is one thing, knowing where they grow is quite another. Not only do our guides know where to find them, they are also well versed in the folklore and mythology linked to the plants and flowers.
These one day walks are one of our most

popular activities, and early booking is certainly advised!

Religious history

Crete went through a few religious upheavals and subsequent revivals, leaving some wonderful buildings, art and customs for us to explore today. A trip to the second Byzantine period legacy is more than worth it, especially if you guide can take you to authentic 1000 year

old churches, decorated with the original frescoes. These are unique experiences well worth engaging with.

Nature Walks

Nature walks are very popular, but where do you find the necessary info to make that special walk? Usually, you don’t and you end up doing a “nature walk” in the company of 1000 others. Magical Crete has developed a number of exquisite nature walks of various lengths to cater for every variety of walker.

And don’t be surprised to end up having your picnic in the shade of a 1200 year old tree, or among the ruins of an ancient settlement…

Art and craft in Nature.

Crete is an artists paradise, irrespective of what your preferred artistic form of expression is. Tell us, and we’ll take you to the most exciting areas, in the company of well established and published artists, where you can let your creativity run riot and end up with a collection of holiday photos, paintings, short stories, poetry

or anything else you’ll treasure for life.

Cretan villages

Crete is home to many villages where Cretan folklore, history, architecture, culinary art and anything else you can dream of are still very much alive and kicking. You can of course go to a meticulously organised, choreographed “Traditional Cretan Night”. But why, while you can, not sample the real thing with the people

who live this culture every day? Let us know, and we’ll take you on an unforgettable day out in the “real Crete”.

An array of activities decided by you!

Magical Mystery Tours are created by you! You tell us what you interests are, what you would like to see and do, and we’ll organise a day tailormade especially for you. No two experiences are the same!

Magical Mystery Tours

  • Tell us what you would like to do.
  • We will organise the experience especially for you.
  • You don’t know where you will go until you are there, that’s part of the Mystery …
  • At the end of the day, YOU decide what a fair price for the outing would be. We don’t stick a price on anything!
  • You are expected to provide the transport for the day.
  • We always end up in a local, authentic Cretan taverna, where you are expected to pay for your guide’s consumption as well as your own.

Magical Crete Newsletter

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  • New adventures, or reports on completed ones are only part of what gets published.

“Unforgettable is an understatement.”

Uri Regev

Owner of Blue Daisy House, Kallergos, Rethymno.

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